Setting the standard for
caravan and trailer jacks

In 2003 the ACCC introduced a mandatory safety standard for caravan jacks. Trail-A-Mate was instrumental in assisting the goverment to introdcuce the new standard. Find out more...


Stress Free Caravaning Starts with Sidewinder

  • Specifically designed for caravans and trailers
  • Easily fitted to most caravans and trailers
  • Eliminates the need to lie under your van / trailer to change a flat tyre
  • Manufactured to Australian & New Zealand Standard (2693:2007).
  • May prevent possible injury when jacking up caravans and trailers.
  • No need for a jack and jockey wheel – one piece of equipment to do both jobs with minimum effort.
  • Working Load Limit of 500Kg

F.A.Q'S about the Sidewinder

  • 1.

    Can Trail-A-Mate Sidewinder be fitted to my caravan?

    Yes, Trail-A-Mate Sidewinder has been designed specifically to fit caravans and trailers into the existing jockey wheel clamp.

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Sidewinder Parts List and Owners Manual

Below are links to the Trail-A-Mate Sidewinder Owners Manual, Engagement Fitting Instructions and the Parts List.

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