Setting the standard for
caravan and trailer jacks

In 2003 the ACCC introduced a mandatory safety standard for caravan jacks. Trail-A-Mate was instrumental in assisting the goverment to introdcuce the new standard. Find out more...

About the Stabil-Mate

  • 1.

    The pump box is Cold Dipped Galvanised on the inside and outside as well as on all four legs.

    Having the surface of the pump box and the legs Cold Dipped Galvanised it will help to Prevent Rust & Minimize Corrosion on the inside, caused by condensation, which could damage the o-rings
  • 2.

    Two piece pump handle

    Allows handle to be removed and stored. It fits easily and neatly into the pump box.
  • 3.

    Pump has a lockable latch down weather proof lid.

    Prevents pump mechanism and valves from being tampered with or vandalised. Reduces dust, corrosion and damage to valves and pump mechanism.
  • 4.

    All hydraulic cylinders are finely machined

    Increases O-Ring life and so reduces maintenance
  • 5.

    Hydraulic Rams are made from high tensile steel

    Helps to prevent surface rust in corrosive environments when the legs are in the down position.
  • 6.

    High quality dust seal in hydraulic ram end cap

    When stabilizers are being raised, the seal wipes off surface dust, thus protecting the O-Rings.
  • 7.

    All the O-Rings are a standard sizes

    Can be purchased from most hydraulic outlets Australia-wide.

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