Setting the standard for
caravan and trailer jacks

In 2003 the ACCC introduced a mandatory safety standard for caravan jacks. Trail-A-Mate was instrumental in assisting the goverment to introdcuce the new standard. Find out more...

Standards and Safety

Product Safety Bulletin

In February 2007, the Australian government released a product safety bulletin announcing the Mandatory Safety Standards that must be met by ALL caravan jack manufacturers. The standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, performance and labelling of vehicle jacks.

Reasons for introducing the safety standard

product-safety-bulletinEach year in Australia around 160 accidents are linked to the misappropriate use of vehicle jacks. Deaths and injuries, ranging from amputation and fractures to crush injuries, result from vehicles falling off vehicle jacks.

Because weight is distributed differently in each caravan, caravan jacks are required to have an engagement fitting specific to a particular make of caravan. This is designed to reduce the likelihood of accident and injury by providing users with a precise location to position their jack for the safe lifting of their caravan.

You can download a copy of the complete Product Safety Bulletin by clicking the icon to the right.

Trail-A-Mate MkII Test Certificate

trail-a-mate-test-certificateYou can download a copy of the test certificate that certifies the Trail-A-Mate MkII 1,500Kg Hydraulic Jack adheres to the Mandatory Safety Standard.



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